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Our services

For project developer

  • – Capital procurement (mezzanine capital)

  • Conception and product optimization

  • Transaction consulting (exit strategy / sales / sales coordination)

  • Buying off the pre-sales quota

  • Purchase guarantee for unsold units

For joint venture partner

  • Project acquisition and purchase

  • Capitalization

  • Conception and product optimization

  • Procurement of planning permissions

  • Output specifications/ tendering and awarding of contracts

  • Construction execution and controlling

  • Exit strategy / sales / sales coordination

For investors

  • Investment opportunities with exceptionally attractive opportunities/risks-ratio for institutional investors, family offices and wealthy investors

  • Depending on risk affinity, entry into almost every phase of the real estate cycle is possible

  • Participating in increases in the value of new inner-city apartments

  • Joint venture participations in project developments

  • Apartment packages (real and special property)

For private and institutional real estate buyers

  • Residential properties (new construction, existing properties)

  • Apartment buildings

  • Land plots

  • Global projects (residential/commercial)

All brokerage services for real estate or capital are provided by the wholly-owned subsidiary Berlin Impact Real Estate GmbH.

Berlin Impact Real Estate GmbH

Our company

Berlin Impact Capital Group was founded in 2018 by Tarek Abdelmotaal in Berlin and sees itself as an integrated partner for the complex interrelationships of the entire real estate value chain. Thanks to many years of experience in the various fields of the entire real estate industry, we are in a position to identify opportunities and risks faster and better. This enables us to develop tailormade models that are ultimately profitable for all partners involved.


European CEO

European CEO GETTING IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR Professional investors know the chance to earn tidy returns is at its greatest at the start of a given project, as new schemes – including revitalisation projects – require large initial investments that tend to be fronted by the developer. Accordingly, developers need well-heeled partners who use their financial wherewithal to buy property or to underwrite the costs of...

Real Estate Brand Book 2017

Real Estate Brand Book 2017 ZIEGERT CAPITAL: TAREK ABDELMOTAAL, VORSTAND Digitalisierung als Unterstützung der menschlichen Komponente Als Dienstleistungsunternehmen müssen wir uns natürlich der Herausforderung der Digitalisierung stellen. Denn der Trend ist nicht aufzuhalten und die Margen für Vermittlungsleistungen geraten durch die Automatisierung unter Druck. Das gilt unseres Erachtens allerdings im...

Private Banking Magazin

Private Banking Magazin aa INTERVIEW DIE IMMOBILIE: Sie bieten ein Beteiligungsmodell, bei dem Entwickler von Eigentumswohnungen künftig nicht mehr warten müssen, bis die für eine Bankenfinanzierungerforderliche Vorverkaufsquote erfüllt ist. Wie genau sieht das aus? Tarek Abdelmotaal: Ich biete Projektentwicklern an, mit unserer Beteiligungsgesellschaft im Joint Venture mit einem Family Office die...


Tarek Abdelmotaal was in leadership positions responsible for the development and marketing of over 40 national and international premium developments (residential) at leading real estate companies and advised family offices, private investors and project developers of individually structured, attractive real estate investments.
Most recently, as founder and board member of Ziegert Capital AG from 2013 to 2017, he supported project developers in raising capital, offered investors carefully selected investment options with an exceptionally good risk/reward ratio and sold global properties to institutional investors. For the development of a unique participation model for family offices, he was awarded the title Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 in the field of capital management (Western Europe) by the London trade journal EuropeanCEO.

Tarek Abdelmotaal


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Financing | Investments | Strategic Direction

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Backoffice | Office Management

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Head of Transaction | Real Estate

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Sales | Residential and Commercial Properties

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Project Development / Management / Controlling

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Real Estate Asset Manager (IRE|BS)

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