Daniel Kardolsky

Daniel Kardolsky +4930887742590 Strategic Partner I Mobility Hub

As a founding member of ParkenPropertyPartner GmbH, Daniel Kardolsky has contributed his extensive knowledge and passion for parking operation concepts. With locations in Berlin and Cologne, PPP has developed innovative solutions under his leadership to use parking space efficiently and ensure optimal operations.
PPP supports the efficient and sustainable alignment of parking space through concepts and feasibility studies. At a time when resources are becoming scarcer and environmental concerns are increasingly in focus, it is important that parking space is used optimally. PPP contributes to this by knowing and implementing innovative concepts and technologies, managing parking space in the best possible way and implementing ecologically sound solutions.

Furthermore, Daniel Kardolsky is co-founder of the infrastructure project development company MobilityHub (Group) GmbH. Based in Gr├╝nwald (Munich), MHG is a pioneer in the field of future-oriented linking of mobility and real estate. Under the leadership of Daniel Kardolsky, MHG develops innovative MobilityHub projects , which focus on sustainability and innovation.

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